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1900 - 1919

History continued at the turn of the 20th Century when the church started having tenured pastors and taking on missions, including being in the African Congo.  Also, at that time Pastor salaries during the period were $360 to $1000 a year.  


Dr. Everard Moon traveling aboard the Oregon on the Congo River

Influencers that led the church from 1900 - 1919

Congregaton 1912.PNG

Picture of the congregation in 1912


Everard Roy Moon as a missionary but precious little about his pastorate. His biographical data profile says he was born in Beloit, Kansas on February 24, 1879. He moved to Oregon as a young boy then to Kelso where he attended Kelso High School.

His personal Record of Ministerial Service shows two entries of pastoring in Castle Rock. In 1904 he lists both Kelso and Castle Rock churches and shows a salary of $600.00 for the year.


During his ministry as pastor of the Castle Rock Christian Church he met Eva Huntington, the eldest daughter of Charlie Huntington, and she became is wife in 1904.


Walter Straub visited the church in 1913 but would later become the 22nd pastor to serve between 1925- 1927


The first to mention Pastor Norcross is dated February 24, 1916. A March 16th article gives the sermon title which provides insight into some of his preaching. “How Tom and Sally went to hell from Castle Rock.” The article also stated that “the choir furnished splendid music, and solos and duets were especially pleasing and effective.”


Pastor Harry Bell spent only six months in 1916 at Castle Rock, but had an impressive ministry. Eighteen new members were added during this short time. From his obituary and various newspaper articles, we have learned that Harry Bell was a native of Melbourne, Australia, who came to America in 1911 to study for the ministry at Eugene Bible College.


Lee Sadler who served as interim pastor from December 1917 to September 1918 with a salary of $50.00 per month. Ted Goodwin wrote about him, “Pastor Sadler won the respect of every man in Cowlitz County when he worked in the woods as a choker setter. He also won the love of his church as a devoted pastor and good pulpit preacher.”

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