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2000 - CURRENT

From Y2K to the Current with Bush, Celebration of 150-year Church History, Gulf War 2, Obama, Trump, a Pandemic, and now the current times with the longest-running pastor in CRCC history.

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Church 150 Year Research Committee


150 Year Parade Banner


150 Year Celebration

Current Pastor

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The photo of a more youthful Pastor Dr. John Leffler.  He was born July 10, 1959 and grew up in Puyallup, Washington. He graduated from John R. Rogers High School in that community in 1978. His wife Ruth (Leber) was in the same class in high school. John graduated from Northwest Christian College, Eugene, Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in June 1982.


His major educational emphasis was in Bible with a double minor in Pastoral/Educational ministries. Ruth, his wife, received her nursing degree that same year, and they married on June 11, 1982 within a week of their mutual graduations. They have one daughter, Amanda, born September 13, 1986.

During the first year of Pastor John’s ministry our Bible college scholarship program was established. Has brought numerous souls to Christ and continues to this day to lead the church.

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