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1979 - 2000

History continued with the Church through Reagan, Mt. St. Helens Eruption, Clinton, The Gulf Conflict, and up to Y2K.

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Period photos

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Building the New Sanctuary 

Actual construction began in the summer of 1982. With the money already raised we were able to install the framework, foundation, roof, belfry, windows and cement floor. Don Powell cut the cedar siding from logs that the Charlotte Greene family donated. Many volunteers from the congregation worked long and hard for many weeks. Heading up these helpers was Cordell Stone and his crew of two men, one of whom was Paul Harriss. He later became a valued member of the church. Some people like Jay VanTassel were there every day. 

It was not until 1990 that most of the personal loans were repaid, and some were forgiven. The church leadership decided that the building should be completed even though the funds were exhausted. The congregation was asked for personal loans to raise about $40,000. Additional gifts brought the total to about $50,000, which was enough to finish the sanctuary in time to hold our first service on January 6, 1991. The dedication service was held on March 3rd of that year.

Influencers of the Church


In October 1979 Elmer Barnes asked at a general board meeting that we vote Ed Miller to be full-time pastor. Ed said that he would accept the position but requested that we have a vote of confidence from the entire congregation which was done.

Within weeks attendance grew, and we began to see new faces in church each Sunday. Many of Ed’s first sermons were centered on the Second Coming of Christ, and we were all aware that God was moving in our midst. Soon we witnessed many coming to Christ. Baptisms were frequent, and attendance continued to increase. Pastor Miller reported that he remembers baptizing 18 people on one Sunday alone.

December 15, 1992 Doug Kennedy joined the ministry even though it was only a part-time position. This required him to work at several other part-time jobs for the next four years. In 1996 the church took a step of faith and hired him full time.

Doug was ordained here at the church on June 11, 2000. He was promoted to youth and associate pastor at the time of his official ordination.

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