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1933 - 1959

History continued with the Church through the Great Depression, World War II, and the Korean War into the Baby Boomer Generation.

1938 Bible School.PNG
1957 Church.PNG

Period photos of the old church of the bible school class.

Influencers that led the church from 1933 - 1959


Teddy Leavitt never served Castle Rock Christian Church as its pastor, we mention him here because he had a strong influence on the church beginning in the 1940’s. Teddy Leavitt visited the Castle Rock Christian Church perhaps five times during his ministry and left a lasting impact on our doctrinal foundation. Many came to the Lord during his meetings. A few folks who heard him remember his fiery spirited preaching.


Wendell Small came to Castle Rock Christian Church as our pastor in 1946, and was with us until 1953. We still have several members who remember his ministry first hand. One of the first things that everyone remembers about Wendell is that he cut off a finger chopping wood for the wood furnace that heated the church each Sunday morning.


Kenny Holsinger was pastor from 1953 - 1955. To this day people still remember his amazing ability to memorize and quote entire chapters of scripture. His arrival here was just in time to help celebrate our 100th birthday.


According to the August 9, 1959 Cowlitz County Advocate, Pastor Laurence S. Morley began his pastorate in 1955 and was here four years, leaving August 9, 1959. This was his first pastorate, and while he was here it is reported that stewardship doubled and several building improvements were made.

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