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1919 - 1932

History continued with the Church after a unique time period in the nineteenth century right after World War I through the Roaring Twenties, and all the way into the start of the Great Depression.


Photo of the Congregation during this time period.

Influencers that led the church from 1919 - 1932


Pastor Ted Goodwin 1919 – 1922 Ted Goodwin who made a huge impact on our church and the entire community. Ted Goodwin came to us as part-time pastor beginning in 1919. He traveled here by train from Eugene Bible College on Saturdays and returned to school on Sunday evening after church.


Pastor Hugh McCallum lists Castle Rock as his second pastorate and shows his dates of ministry here starting August 1, 1923 and ending May 30, 1925.


In 1927 the church was incorporated, and that same year W. W Crabb was hired as pastor at Castle Rock. We have an article from the Christian Standard dated November 8, 1928 stating the following: “The digging of a full basement under the church building and the creation of an addition begun last Thanksgiving, was completed during the summer by the Christian Church at Castle Rock, Washington, and the entire remodeled structure was rededicated September 30. W. W. Crabb, the pastor, led the church in its task.

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