Living as a Christian in this era!

This home group is designed with Millennials in mind and will be led by Associate Pastor Lucas and his wife Rachael. Enjoy a home cooked meal, fellowship, and a short lesson you can relate to.


Time and Location: Myers Family House @ 6pm on Monday Nights. Contact Lucas Myers for more information and address. You can email Lucas or call the church at 360-274-6771.

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Hovde Home Group

Led by Ken Davis and Lindarae Hovde, this group consists of retirees who have thoughtful discussions centered on Scripture studies using Right Now Media, and an occasional snack. This group is always looking for more members to come and share in this community of faith and time of growth.

Day and Time: Wednesdays @ 10:00 am 

Location: Lindarae Hovde's house: 130 Beverly Hgts. Rd

This Home Group mainly uses Right Now Media resources as a guide for diving deeper into understanding biblical scripture and/or topics. This group will be led by our Senior Pastor John Leffler and his wife Ruth. 

Date and Time: Wednesdays @ 7pm. Contact Dr. John Leffler at the church for more information.

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Adult Classes

Come and see wonderful people studying and learning together!

Adult classes are offered at 9:00 am on Sunday mornings prior to worship at 10:00 am.

  • Classes for Men, Women, and combined genders of all ages with great teachers like Lucas Myers, Edie and Dick Hugonoit, Ruth Leffler.

Youth/Young Adult Classes

Come and see a great community of people studying and learning together!

Two Sunday School classes are currently offered at 9:00 am prior to worship to meet the needs of junior and senior high students.

  • Senior High - Gary & Tracee Stoner

  • Jr. High - Veronica Bjorhus

Children's Classes

Come and see happy and excited children learning about how God can impact their life!

We have three different classes on Sunday's at 9:00 am available to children ages 12 and younger. 

  • Kingdom Kids, K-5th grade - Rachael Myers & Jennie Lee

  • Pre-K - Lora Cherrington, Jodee Orr, & Leesa Johnson

  • Nursery - Rotation of teachers

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